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Press Releases 2015

Vetstream and IVSA work together to boost global student access to Vetlexicon's clinical information

9th December 2015

Veterinary digital content supplier Vetstream has announced a collaboration with the International Veterinary Students Association (ISVA) to encourage uptake of the latest peer-reviewed clinical content, which the company offers to veterinary students around the world free of charge through its partnership with WikiVet.

Marc Abraham to help vet practices adopt marketing and social media skills at workshop at Wood Green Animal Shelter

7th December 2015

Veterinary staff keen to learn more about communicating with today's pet owners are invited to a special workshop at Wood Green Animal Shelter near Cambridge on Wednesday 24 February 2016. The workshop is being hosted by Vetstream Webpartner and features media vet and PupAid founder Marc Abraham as guest speaker.

Vetstream offers access to online CE resources to the Royal University of Agriculture, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

5th November 2015

Cambodian veterinary students at the Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh, are to benefit from online clinical resources offered by Vetstream, free of charge from September 2015.

Pictured from left to right: Ms Khhit Titchansovanvasna (Volunteer Staff), Dr Kang Kroesna (Dean), Mr Chea Bunthon (Vice Dean), Ms Pha Phally (Contractual Staff), Ms Kan Chanratha (Contractual Staff), Dr Mark Johnston (Vetstream Managing Director), Mr Thim Sokha (Faculty Staff), Dr Keo Sat (Faculty Staff), Mr Kong Sokum (Contractual Staff)

Vetstream offers access to online CE resources to Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand through a partnership with the Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations (FAVA)

5th November 2015

Veterinary students at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, have just started to benefit from online clinical resources offered by Vetstream, which they started receiving free of charge from September 2015.

Pictured from left to right: Ms Karoon Senchu (Head of Faculty's Library and Information Center, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn Univversity), Dr Mark Johnston (Vetstream Managing Director), Dr Achariya Sailasuta (FAVA Secretary General), Mr Venice Kangrang (Information Technology staff)

Vetstream recruit to develop new digital reference content service

10th August 2015

Vetstream has appointed vet Mrs Ruth Clark to develop ‘Bovis’, a new point-of-care resource for cattle aimed as vets specialising in cattle and general livestock. Bovis will complement its existing peer-reviewed clinical resources, Canis (for dogs), Felis (for cats), Lapis (for rabbits) and Equis (for horses) and is expected to launch in the last quarter of 2016.

Vetstream launches global online veterinary resource, Allvet

27th July 2015

Vetstream has launched Allvet, the first global veterinary directory and content hub. Allvet aims to provide a comprehensive resource of information to help veterinary professionals around the world research and compare suppliers, products, services and associations.

Vetstream and DoveLewis bring veterinary education tools to developing countries

14th - 15th July 2015

Vetstream has joined forces with DoveLewis to deliver continuing education videos to veterinarians and universities in developing countries at preferential rates to help improve veterinary education in these countries.

Vetstream supports Asian veterinary development with free vet school access to its digital reference content

26th June 2015

Vetstream is to offer its online clinical resources to ten veterinary schools in South East Asia, free of charge for 12 months, in order to support the development of young veterinarians in these countries.

Vetstream Webpartner launches Content Service for practice websites

12th June 2015

A new Content Service offering 'pet owner-friendly' pre-prepared content for use on practice websites and in e-newsletters has been launched by Vetstream for its veterinary practice website service Webpartner.

Practice Managers offered comprehensive 24/7 business management resource with launch of Vetstream Practis

27th May 2015

Online veterinary clinical resource specialist Vetstream has launched the first comprehensive business management resource aimed specifically at veterinary practice managers.

Diagnostic Algorithm category added to Vetstream's Canis, Felis and Lapis

6th May 2015

A new Diagnostic Algorithm Category has been added to Vetstream's point of care resources - Canis, Felis and Lapis. The algorithms have been designed to help veterinary subscribers investigate, diagnose and treat a variety of conditions in dogs, cats and rabbits.

Vetstream and WikiVet link up

26th March 2015

The latest peer-reviewed clinical content is to be offered to veterinary students online free of charge following an agreement by WikiVet, which provides educational resources to veterinary students, and Vetstream.

Vetstream and Computers 4 Africa partner up

9th February 2015

Vetstream and Computers 4 Africa have formed a partnership to enable African vets to access online training and development.