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ISSN 1757-8264

Felis is the ultimate feline clinical information resource for veterinary practices, providing comprehensive, peer-reviewed clinical information on the cat from over 350 leading clinicians worldwide: Felis Contributors & Reviewers

Felis contains over 4,000 articles, pictures, videos & sounds:

  • 2238 Text items
  • 650 Diseases
  • 124 Bacteria, viruses and parasites
  • 167 Laboratory medicine items
  • 269 Surgical and diagnostic techniques
  • 361 Miscellaneous items
  • 522 Formulary items
  • 2309 Images, videos and sounds
  • 145 Owner factsheets

Content is categorised into sections covering 26 body systems and disciplines, which are cross-linked for ease of use.

Features include:

  • Updated weekly
  • Search function covering all four services (Canis, Felis, Lapis & Equis) to enable a comparative approach
  • Diagnostic images, sound and video
  • Owner factsheets to support your communication with clients
  • Detailed formulary so you can prescribe with confidence
  • Direct links to PubMed and VetMed Resource
  • Free monthly newsletters
  • Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds of updated content

With Felis you will be able to:

  • Enhance the way you engage with your clients with thousands of interactive images, videos and illustrations to help you share your expertise and put clients' mind at rest.
  • Improve the way you evaluate diagnostic images with hundreds of X-ray films, MRI scans and ultrasound images to help you make evaluations based on the best diagnostic images available.
  • Discover the best way to prepare for surgical procedures with an in-depth analysis of procedures to ensure your surgery runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Optimise the way you research drug therapies with a detailed formulary to help you research dosage, potential side effects, active ingredients, contra-indications etc so you can prescribe and administer with confidence.
  • Canis, Felis and Lapis and Equis content is cross-linked to VetMedResource from CABI, and PubMed so that you have access to abstracts and the primary literature to enable you to apply an evidence based approach to your clinical care.
  • Access the ultimate resource to help inspire, motivate and educate veterinary staff.

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